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the Boondocker

Introducing “the Boondocker.” This is a 3-course, 4-string acoustic walking dulcimer or “dulcitar” that anyone can play! Typically tuned to D-A-D, you can play tabs designed for the traditional Appalachian mountain dulcimer, but held liked a guitar. The diatonic fretboard and open tuning mean you can’t play a bad note. Perfect for new players and pros alike – these are just a ton of fun to play. And their small size and weight make them very easy to bring to the beach, the woods, the backyard, or just noodle on it right at home.


Available in Maple topped with Spruce or all Mahogany. They are loud, clear, and bright on their own, but coupled with the optional installed pickup, these are truly stage ready! Each Boondocker is fretted and setup by hand to ensure consistent playable action. The saddle sits in a slot and may be raised or lowered by an experience luthier to further adjust the action to your liking.

All Boondocker dulcitars are made proudly in Naperville, IL, U.S.A. In-stock continental US orders ship same day before 3pm via UPS Ground. Otherwise ships within 3-5 business days. Please message or call 866-JAROMIN (866-527-6646) for inventory, holiday ship times, and other options.

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