Annalise on Yahoo!’s “This Week In Mom”

The video of Annalise’s first haircut made it into Yahoo’s “This Week In Mom” production. Here’s the video: This Week in MOM: Kids and Haircuts @ Yahoo! Video And the original:

Rock-a-bye, Nathan

If I could talk to the animals…

Sean and I had a pumpkin farm filled weekend this Columbus Day weekend. On Friday we went to Kuiper’s Family Farm with Aunt Bethie and “Aunt” Lisa to get apples and pictures with all the pumpkins. Then Mommy and Daddy took us to Johannsen’s Pumpkin Farm on Sunday. We went through the petting zoo and […]

Annalise Gets Her First Haircut

Strutting Her Stuff…

Got food?

Looks like someone’s hungry. Sean’s doing great, growing and getting himself around. He’s >95% for height and weight at his 6 month appointment. He’s only ~3.5 lbs less than Annalise at her 18 month appointment. He can crawl/scoot himself just about anywhere he wants to go. Annalise better watch out for her toys!

Bobbing for Planets

Since our last post, we’ve been to Buffalo to help Grandma and Grandpa celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary…and Sean’s been getting closer and closer to crawling. He’s now easily rolling in both directions and frequently will arch his back with only his toes and hands on the floor for brief stints. It’s only a matter […]

Piano Concerto in A(nnalise) Minor

We have a budding musician on our hands.

Itsy Bitsy Wha???

The other day my big sister Annalise tried to teach me a song…

Giggles & Grins

So it’s not his “best work,” but this is the best we’ve managed to catch “on film” to date. Sean’s babbling, smiling and giggling up a storm these days! A very happy (and very big) baby boy indeed! Enjoy!