What Happens in Vegas…

The day after my birthday party, Suzy and I left for 4 days in Las Vegas. Except for the part where they tried to sell us a time share (oh, wait…I mean “vacation ownership”), it was a fun, relaxing trip. We gambled (and lost) a whopping $3 in a “Mega millions” slot machine and walked […]

Into the Woods to Grandmother’s House

Well, more like a plane to Florida…where Grandma and Grandpa spend the coldest part of the year. I spent most of my time hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa…they had the *coolest* toy that I just loved playing with…for hours at a time! I liked it so much, Grandma sent it home with me. Mom […]

Planes, Golf Carts and Automobiles

What a week! Mom and Dad took Sean and I to visit grandma and grandpa in Florida.We went to the beach and the “World’s Largest Shell Factory And Nature Park.” There we saw all sorts of animals including ducks, hens, emus, llamas and even dinosaurs!I’ve also learned that, although I love them at home, in […]

Shuffle Off to Buffalo…and Welcome Veronica!

Mommy is so forgetful sometimes. She forgot to give you a link to see my first trip to Buffalo! I also finally managed to roll over from back to front tonight — although I needed Daddy to help me free my arm. I should be able to do it all by myself any day now! […]