Little Girl on the Move

For the past couple weeks, Emma’s been doing the “army crawl,” and getting prepped for a full-fledged crawl. She’s also pulling herself up and standing briefly on her own and walking some distance with help. We’re not sure she’ll beat Nathan’s walking by 8mos., but she’s giving it a strong effort! Go, Emma!

I’m walkin’, yes indeed, and talkin’…

Nathan took his first step on his own on his Daddy’s birthday (July 4th), just shy of his 8 month birthday.  He’s really trying hard to walk on his own, and being more daring about taking steps alone.  He walks pretty well just holding on to a finger or pant leg, and is now putting […]

Movin’ and groovin’…

We haven’t blogged in a while, mainly because we’re chasing three very active kids. Nathan is about 7 1/2 months old and is on the move. He went from barely being able to sit by himself to crawling and pulling himself up to standing in what seemed to be a blink of an eye. He […]

One year old and ready to go!

I can’t believe that Sean is one already. He is getting so big! He weighed in at 25lbs 12oz at his 1 year doctor’s appointment. That’s just a little over 3lbs less than his sister. He finally let go and started walking (more that just a step or two) the day before his 1st birthday. […]

Learning to walk is a full contact sport

Learning to walk is hard work! I’m cruising all over the place but gravity sometimes works against me.

What a Big Girl

Annalise has been working on this for a while, and she finally did it! She took a step by herself on Saturday, October 21st (2 days shy of her 9 month birthday). Both Pat and I were sitting on the playroom floor when she took a step to get from me to him. We’re so […]