Green Ticket and Tape Day!

Annalise’s school has a program where students are awarded with “green tickets” whenever they’re caught doing something good, such as following directions, assisting another student, etc. Unsurprisingly, Annalise has really taken to this program and works hard to earn these tickets every chance she gets. We promised we’d celebrate with an activity of her choice […]

Family Picture

From a dozen or so shots, these were the best we could get. Here’s Emma at home with her family. (well, OK, so Emma’s a bit hard to see through all the bundling)

Kiddieland: A Jaromin Family “Babenture!”

Kiddieland is closing. After 81 years in operation in Melrose Park, IL, the amusement park featuring mainly rides most suited to younger children, will, as rumor has it, make way for a Costco or some-such.  This place holds many fond memories for those like my wife and her siblings who grew up in this area. […]

In Columbus, They Have Christmas in October…

Last weekend we went to Columbus, Ohio for Christmas! I know, that’s what I said….who ever heard of Christmas in October? In any case, as this was my very first “Christmas,” I wasn’t about to complain. It all started when Mommy and Daddy took me on another plane ride to visit my Aunt Amy and […]