Pumpkins for Grandma

Yesterday Mommy and Aunt Bethie took Annalise and Sean back to Kuiper’s Family Farm for more apples (yum!) and another photo shoot in the pumpkin patch. Annalise and Sean picked these two pumpkins out to bring home. Today, Annalise wanted to decorate the pumpkins with stickers. As she was decorating the big one, she said […]

It’s (Gonna Be) a Boy!

It’s been rather busy around the house, and I’ve been trying to find the time to create this new, consolidated blog. Consequently, we’ve yet to post an entry to say that — we’re expecting our third! The due date is November 10th. A couple weeks ago, after returning from Las Vegas, we went in for […]

Just Chillin’ at the Brookfield Zoo

A couple days ago, my Mommy and Aunt Bethie took Sean and I to the Brookfield Zoo. Here I am taking a little break.

Who’s the guy in the red suit?

Mommy, Daddy, and Aunt Bethie took me to see this guy they call Santa Claus. Can you believe it? He was wearing pretty much the same outfit that I was! As you can tell, I wasn’t too happy!

Look Out, Esther Williams!

Mommy and Daddy took me out to the Ashbury community pool this past week. I’m still working out the kinks to this “swimming” thing, but I had a pretty good time – big cousin Keara went with me to show me the ropes! Since Mommy had to work this weekend ( 🙁 ), Daddy took […]