Welcome to the family, Emma Elizabeth Jaromin!

It’s been a long day and frankly I’m wiped — so I can only imagine how Suzy must feel! We had an appointment for induction at 6:00am and by 1:30pm, we were finally able to see and hold the latest member of the family, Emma Elizabeth Jaromin. She’s 8lbs 10oz, 21in. long and perfect in every […]

One potato, two potato, three potato…FOUR!

On the night we met, at one point in the evening Suzy revealed that she’d always wanted four children. To this day she claims this was part of a strategy — if I’d run away screaming or excused myself to the restroom never to return, I clearly wasn’t “the one”, but if I remained after […]

Rock-a-bye, Nathan

First Portrait Sitting

Last weekend we visited Stork Snapshots just as we had with Annalise and Sean. Unlike both of his older siblings,  he cooperated right away and we were able to get some amazing shots. If you’re out in the Chicagoland area and expecting, we highly recommend you pay these folks a visit…

It’s (Gonna Be) a Boy!

It’s been rather busy around the house, and I’ve been trying to find the time to create this new, consolidated blog. Consequently, we’ve yet to post an entry to say that — we’re expecting our third! The due date is November 10th. A couple weeks ago, after returning from Las Vegas, we went in for […]