Bunny Day 2012 Photos and Emma Turns Two!

Emma Turns Two

Yet another long pause between posts…and much has happened in the interim. We’ve had an awesome Christmas and a great start to the new year! Our sweet little baby girl Emma is no longer quite so little. She’s turned two and is talking up a storm…though still clearly the “baby” of the family; never passing on a chance to be carried, held, or hugged. In fact, frequently demanding to be carried, held, and hugged!  Grandma and Grandpa visited for a week to help us celebrate.


Sean and Annalise continue to make progress in Taekwondo. They’ve now achieved green belt and are working towards their blue belt within a month or so. Last testing, Sean took the trophy for showing significant improvement! He’s much better at focusing in class and has really come a long way. Annalise continues to do well and show great enthusiasm.  We’re incredibly proud of them both!

Sean earns his trophy!

Nathan Plays Hide-n-Seek

Nathan, not wanting to be left out of having school friends like big brother and sister, has made his own “school friends.” One of these, ‘Daidan,’ engaged Nathan in an impromptu game of ‘hide-n-seek’ with Mom and Dad. Unfortunately we were unaware of the game. After a frantic 20+ minute thorough search of the house, a wild ride back from the store for Mom (who was out when this began), and a call to the Naperville Police, we finally found Nathan on his third check under Mom and Dad’s bed. He had been fairly well hidden behind the summer clothes storage bags and ‘Daidan’ told him not to respond to our repeated calls. We’re not big  fans of ‘Daidan.’

Learning and Growing

As Emma continues to amaze by picking up new words every day, speaking in 3 to 5 word sentences, Annalise has made enormous strides in reading. In the span of a couple weeks it seems, she went from reading her “sight words” to short children’s books. She’s a great little reader!

Mitt Comes to Schaumburg

This year’s Republican primary in Illinois was meaningful for a change. Suzy allowed me to attend Mitt’s election night event in Schaumburg. It was a great night!

Mitt and Ann Romney

Meeting Mitt

Bunny Day

For the past two years now, Suzy and Beth have taken the kids out to a local photographer for her “Bunny Day” photos. Last year’s shots were adorable, and this year is no exception. But don’t take it from me…see for yourself.

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