Yellow Belts

Annalise and Sean had testing for their yellow belts last night. This was our first belt test and we honestly weren’t sure what to expect. Annalise takes it fairly seriously and works hard to please. And I knew they were both capable of doing the forms and kicks. However Sean’s a bit hit-or-miss in regards to the focus and discipline aspects — he’s only four afterall and often finds humor in the proceedings.

Last night they both proved our fears unfounded.

The white belts were tested last, which meant sitting around for the first 20 minutes or so.

Waiting their turn for testing to begin

I loved the large banner hanging in the space

Master Tony guides the white belts through their forms.

Annalise and Sean (mostly) paid close attention to the others during their tests. During stretching, Sean was typically the loudest “Yes, Sir!” in the bunch — which was unusual and provided early indication that he in fact was eager to work hard and do well. Following their kicks and forms, it was time for each to break a board. The kids have been looking forward to this for some time. Sean got his on the first try. Annalise hesitated a bit at the end of the swing and needed a second turn — which resulted in breaking her board into three pieces. Most surprising for me was the fact that the hit obviously stung a bit, but our typically very sensitive Sean picked up his board and moved as instructed without comment or complaint. Way to go, buddy!

Breaking boards

And here are our two yellow belts breaking their boards…

Mom and Dad are incredibly proud of both of you!


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