Wild Kratts at the Brookfield Zoo

The Kratt brothers have been around for some time and their latest show on PBS, “Wild Kratts”  is a major hit with the kids. To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Hammill Family Play Zoo at the Brookfield Zoo, they invited the Kratt brothers, Chris and Martin, to make an appearance and sign autographs. Aunt Bethie was off from work and happily decided to come along.

And so we made a day of it.


Our first stop was actually to the butterfly garden. Annalise has been anxious to see the butterflies, but the exhibit wasn’t open the last time we visited. This time, we got a chance to see the butterflies and even a couple emerging from their cocoon.

A butterfly emerges from its chrysalis

The Kratt Brothers

The first show was set to begin at 11am, so we headed over to the open area where they had setup the stage. The crowds were huge and the 1/2 hour stage show the Kratt’s put on was entertaining…the kids had a great time.

Annalise enjoying the show


the crowd was huge

Face Painting

After the show, Aunt Bethie got in line for autographs (still a few hours away!) while we took the rest of the kids around the zoo. Annalise and Sean had a great time painting their faces outside the Hammill Family Play Zoo (Nate decided to be grumpy).

Meeting the Brothers

After their second show, the brothers sat for autographs and pictures. The odd bit was they had set up separate lines for Chris and Martin — and folks started lining up hours before the signing. Beth was able to reserve a spot for us fairly close in Chris’ line, but we wound up a couple hours back in Martins’. So it was a very long wait and a very long day. I think it was worth it.

Meeting Chris. Chris and Martin had separate lines, and long waits for each!

Meeting Martin after waiting in line over 2 hours! (Nathan was still grumpy)




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