First Day of Preschool

When Annalise sees her cousin Keara and her friend Ali going to school, she always asks if she can go too. Well, it’s Annalise’s turn now. Annalise started Prairie Children Preschool on August 25th. We knew it would be an easy transition for her when we went to the open house on August 21st to […]

Kiddieland: A Jaromin Family “Babenture!”

Kiddieland is closing. After 81 years in operation in Melrose Park, IL, the amusement park featuring mainly rides most suited to younger children, will, as rumor has it, make way for a Costco or some-such.  This place holds many fond memories for those like my wife and her siblings who grew up in this area. […]

Oldest Established

Since his birth, Suzy and I have been singing “Oldest Established…” from “Guys and Dolls” to our youngest, Nathan. His big sister Annalise has gotten into the act…

One potato, two potato, three potato…FOUR!

On the night we met, at one point in the evening Suzy revealed that she’d always wanted four children. To this day she claims this was part of a strategy — if I’d run away screaming or excused myself to the restroom never to return, I clearly wasn’t “the one”, but if I remained after […]