A Dinnertime Picnic in November

picnic by the riverwalk

picnic by the riverwalk

With the temperatures soaring nearly 20-degrees above normal and much colder temperatures on the horizon, we decided to take the opportunity to spend one last evening on the riverwalk. Typically we’ll head down to Washington Street for dinner, often winding up at Potbelly’s. This evening, Suzy packed us a “dinnertime picnic” and so we ate at a table in one of the numerous gazebos overlooking the river.

Following dinner, and a brief game of “tag” between Annalise and Sean, the family headed down to our favorite spot to feed the duckies. Perhaps the geese have already flown south for the winter as there were only ducks around — which was a great thing as the geese tend to be much more aggressive and “crowding.” Afterward, we ran around the “labyrinth” for a bit then loaded up into the wagon and headed back.

It was truly a lovely evening.

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