Get Well Soon, Mike!

A couple days ago I learned that a close personal friend of mine was hospitalized with what was described to me as a “mild” heart attack. He’s going in for triple-bypass surgery next week. I guess we should be thankful that he received this “warning” in time and that something can be done. Get well […]

It’s (Gonna Be) a Boy!

It’s been rather busy around the house, and I’ve been trying to find the time to create this new, consolidated blog. Consequently, we’ve yet to post an entry to say that — we’re expecting our third! The due date is November 10th. A couple weeks ago, after returning from Las Vegas, we went in for […]

What Happens in Vegas…

The day after my birthday party, Suzy and I left for 4 days in Las Vegas. Except for the part where they tried to sell us a time share (oh, wait…I mean “vacation ownership”), it was a fun, relaxing trip. We gambled (and lost) a whopping $3 in a “Mega millions” slot machine and walked […]


On June 29th my lovely wife surprised me with a party for my 40th birthday. It was a terrific surprise and I had a great time! Thanks, dear!


We’ve decided that maintaining separate blogs for each child was simply not going to scale. So now we’re consolidating. All of the previous post from the original sites have been imported. We hope you like our new home!